Fiji: Sea Level Rise is Real and Now

by Max Shen

In Fiji, we clearly saw the effects of sea level rise. Local residents confirmed that rising seas are rapidly changing the landscape. Bill, an elder in Vuaki Village in the Yasawa Islands, reported that the beaches are mostly covered by water now. Vata, a native of Nanuya Lailai Island, and Ronnie, a transplant from Eastern Fiji, noted that the Western-owned resorts had built seawalls where beaches used to be, to keep out the waves.

Pictures from just 8 years ago of Nanuya Island Resort, a gorgeous eco-resort situated at the paradise of the Blue Lagoon, show a vastly different shoreline from today's view. Local villagers do not have the resources to construct seawalls, leaving them vulnerable to rising tides. The UN Adaptation Fund's goal is to help communities with the changes in the ocean, so donations can help a little. 20% of all profits of Inundated are donated to this Fund.